Well can you believe we are 2 weeks in? Its been great – more ups than downs which is always a joy!

Lets rewind to the opening, the highlight of which other than pulling the first pint with glee, was the sight of our man of the hour, Clemmie, being somewhat dragged out by his lovely dog Lily whilst his feet did not appear to be moving. I think its fair to say they both enjoyed being our honoured guests. All in all day one was a success lots of happy villagers & locals. Thank you one and all for your support from there on in.

The food. Wow, what can we say. It is flying out to rave reviews – lots of happy customers, which of course in turn makes our staff happy. The front of house team, wonderfully managed by the charming James, are all getting their groove on so to speak, and finding out the quirks and characters that make them a great team. We have been super lucky in finding a fantastic bunch. The kitchen team are going great guns and the rapport between the two is as if it has always been- trust us that can be a rare thing as anyone in the trade will appreciate!

If there was anything to complain about? Well, perhaps hold off on the Wherry and the Ghost Ship guys – we almost can’t keep up! The guest beers are also going down really well, and we shall be sure to keep your taste buds going on as many interesting guest ales as possible over the coming months. Christmas beers are always exciting & tasty, shout if there is a favourite amongst them which you would like to see on the bar over the festive season.

Wine. Yum. The selection has been well received – we have tried as best we may to keep it as interesting as possible without being too clever – the only surprise being a need for some more rose – fabulous in our book – never should be pin-holed to summer drinking!

So – other than a massive thank you all round, customers, staff, builders (who were amazing in getting the whole place ready.) We are excited, we are elated, we are loving being the Turks Head.. next blog,… lets talk Christmas!!